We ARE Stronger Together! : The Extraordinary Story of One Boy's Relentless Joy Despite Fighting a Losing Battle -by Julie Bayles

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Julie Bayles, a mom to seven children, recognizes the power of community. A rare disease that threatened to destroy her family revealed they were not alone in the battle. Julie shares her middle son Seth’s remarkable and often misunderstood ongoing health crisis while sharing the raw emotions of how this journey changed her.

Throughout the pages of this book is a story of heartache, faith, love, bravery, and acceptance. Driven to ensure her son’s suffering is not in vain, Julie shares purpose in Seth’s unique story to encourage the hurting, inspire hope and the will to persevere.

Through faith, collaboration, and a boatload of coffee, Julie advocates for the marginalized. She is well-respected for her ongoing efforts to pave the way for a more promising future for those with chronic illnesses or special needs and their caregivers. Julie, her husband, and children are the seventh and eighth generation to reside on their family's midwestern farm.

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